Return Address Real Domain For Acceptance in Email

First, it is proper Netiquette to use an appropriate from address. Then, don’t use a free address in the from field if you have domain. Given, less credible.

Return Address Netiquette For Email

Return Address

We users have a choice of email addresses to use in the from field for messages. Thus, a default account. Also, we can change it manually from within the message composition.

Return Email Address

Free accounts are not acceptable for some. For examples, programmers. So, a premium domain in the from address is a form of online status. Using your own domain shows status. Using a free domain is personal or amateur.

Return Address Netiquette

Use an appropriate from address because the default account may not be appropriate.

Last, for more info visit category or page posts. Finally, customary contact varies. Watch these cartoons. Given, tips from the site. Also, theory.