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Restraint From Criticism Blogging

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, conflict catches attention. But, we do not have to tell readers what to do about a situation all the time. So, show some restraint from criticism blogging. Given, proper netiquette to moderate comments. Hence, do moderate, delete, negative remarks.

Restraint Netiquette Blogging

Now, moderation has a lot of meaning. First, it means average. Extremes are not moderate. Next, averages reduce the impact of extremes mathematically. Then, applies socially as well. Thus, preside over discussion. Blog threads are discussions. Showing restraint means to preside over them.

In addition, applies to our own content as much as it does to comments. Remarks are known to be extreme in nature. Furthermore, once they get started many more are created. Negative content can hurt our online image. Positive comments may help it.

Reading what others write prior to allowing posts is a good setting to turn on. An account setting on most platforms for long form content. Some micro blogs. Therefore, use the Account Setting to turn on comment moderation.


Accordingly, using the moderation feature for a social media account is proper Netiquette. Often, these controls limit what users can write about account owners, themselves, or anything they may be promoting.

In any event, people have an agenda. SEO strategies include commenting on blogs. Sometimes backlinks are included. But, not always. Since, we become interested in creators of good content. Our responsibility to read and approve comments that appear on our profiles in an internet domain.

Some platforms allow for deletion of content after the fact. So, we have to follow our own content to make sure negative remarks do not appear. Account owners are the owners of their own accounts. We approve of material posted in principle, even if it is not a fact.

Restraint Netiquette

Moderate comments because they can change the content and context of a post.