ReShare What We View For Likes In Our Interests

We see content we enjoy. Also, that contacts may be interested in. Then, reshare what we you view for likes. Given, proper netiquette.

We see content in our feeds that we enjoy. Also, stuff that unconnected contacts may be interested in. Then, reshare what we you view for likes in our interests. Given, proper netiquette to share stuff we know followers will consume. So, don’t let a little duplication stop a good post.

ReShare What You View For Likes

Thus, there are more reasons to support content than many people realize. Means that we are sharing the content we like with our friends. Given, our friends are notified of what you like in their news feeds. So, just a click could add to a feed.

Now, we should not read stuff we cannot share with friends. Personally, two friends is a popular test from ‘Roberts Rules’. On the other hand, one is enough for legitimate social inclusion. Also, a high number of views is better than a like.

If we don’t like something, what makes us thinks contacts will. However, it is possible. In addition, certain topics are off limits.

Post What You Know

Next, when a user Likes content on the internet there is a good chance threat their cyber friends will Like it as well. Thus, users friend others with similar interests. Plus, a certain level of education. On top of that, background including religion.

Then, our overlapping interests are a sweet spot for content we curate for followers. And so, we have an idea of what we enjoy together. But, we can take it a step further by sharing stuff contacts affirm or post.

As a result, online community gets stronger. Accordingly, special interest too. After, our contacts may connect with our FOAF. Hence, interests grows. However, some controversy exists of following affirmation.

ReShare What You View Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to share content that you Like because your cyber friends have similar interests and may Like it too.