Reference An Argument With A Link Blogging

It is proper Netiquette cite references. Do provide backlinks to pages used to research posts.

Reference Netiquette Blogging


Everything has a frame of reference. It does not matter if it is a conversation or piece of writing. A frame of reference is the context of a conversation or piece of writing. Citing references for facts gives readers more background to help them understand a bloggers frame of reference.

Reference Blogging

Blogs are opinions based on facts and reasons. When you cite a reference in a blog with a link to a page you are giving readers who don’t understand your reasoning a chance to consider what you are writing. Blogs are opinions and references explain reasons.

References do not make an opinion right or wrong. Credible sources support facts and logic supports reasons. Data has to be credible for an opinion to be true as a fact. This fact does not mean that an opinion is correct. Accurate facts give an opinion more credibility as a fact because bad data invalidates any conclusion.

Reference Netiquette

Cite references because readers check for credibility.

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