Receipts Save And Back Up in Ecommerce

First, it is good Netiquette to print and save electronic receipts with a product description. So, do save a product description with a receipt.

Receipt Netiquette Ecommerce

Receipts Save

Product descriptions are part of the receipt for online transactions. They provide a record of the transaction. A description of the item purchased. Internet retailers provide product descriptions. They help sell products in online and offline stores.

Ecommerce Receipt

Online, it provides a basis for the transaction. Then, a description. Hence, includes details. Given, manufacture specifications. Safety instructions and information may be contained in product descriptions. If an item arrives damages or different than the description customers may want to send it back and dispute the charge. In the event of a dispute the receipt and product description become evidence of your case.

Receipt Netiquette

Print and save electronic receipts with product description because it may be required in a dispute.

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