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Read Posts Carefully in Classifieds

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, we hide bad information. But, know to at least provide all the facts. So, read posts carefully in classifieds. Given, good netiquette to highlight the good. As a result, don’t think they forgot to mention something a bad deal breaker.

Read Posts Carefully

Accordingly, known techniques minimize issues that may arise. Plus, there are certain tactics to lessen the impact bad news may have on a sale. Sellers purposely leave damaging information about an item out of descriptions in online classified advertisements.

Part of the sales process to make an item look as good as possible. After, generate inquiries about the product we are selling. A product review is not to have bad information. That is how we know it is a paid advertisement. We receive financial gain when the product sells.

Many sellers will tell you about problems if we ask. Otherwise, damaging information is not part of the description. Buyer beware. In Latin, caveat emptor. A basic responsibility that we check things out for our self. Do not just take a sales mans word.

Read Item Description

First, do not assume anything in an advertisement was left out by mistake. In general, stuff not mentioned in online classified ads are problematic. For example, apartment amenities left out of a post are not be available or broken.

Remember, a person selling something online generally will not forget an amenity. It follows, would help generate inquiries. So, must not be there for a good reason.

In any event, we tend to want a good deal. After, we search for it. Pictures may hide defects. A one sided photo may be telling. A single image as well. It follows, ask to see more. Most likely seller has a camera on their phone.

Read Posts Carefully Netiquette

Read carefully because limited descriptions are for a good reason.