Read Posts Carefully For Fine Print in Classifieds

It is good Netiquette to read posts carefully. Don’t think they forgot to mention something.

Reading Netiquette Classifieds

Read Posts Carefully

Sellers purposely leave damaging information about an item out of descriptions in online classified advertisements. They make an item look as good as possible to generate inquiries. Many sellers will tell you about problems with an item if you ask. However, damaging information is not something that they generally disclose.

Classifieds Reading

First, do not assume anything in an advertisement was left out by mistake. In general, stuff not mentioned in online classified ads are problematic. For example, apartment amenities left out of a post are not be available or broken. A poster generally will not forget an amenity because it would help generate inquiries.

Reading Netiquette

Read carefully because limited descriptions are for a good reason.

Last, for more info on classifieds check out the category and page posts. Finally, we have cartoons to watch. Reinforces related concepts. More of the basics.