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Read Contacts Posts For Updates in Micro Blogs

A relationship is required. So, read contacts post for updates in micro blogs. Given, proper netiquette to read keep in touch.

First, we engage updates in our feeds. Since, shows up when we log on to most social platforms. Next, algorithm picks and chooses based on engagement level. It follows, a relationship is required. So, read contacts posts for updates in micro blogs. Given, proper netiquette to read keep in touch.

Read Contacts Posts

Read What Contacts Post

In any event, balance is good in every relationship. Sharing makes us influential. Then, reading updates balances posting. Furthermore, it can provide great inspiration for new content.

Remember, balance is relative to our interests. Also, some micro blogs are designed for balance. However, the exact algorithm is unknown. So, it could be rewarded. But, who knows. Which is why we test and share.

Thus, we reward good interaction with more of the same. Hence, consume material that is provided. Also, accept a little advertising. Find our own comfort levels. Unfollowing accounts while staying friends is common. Given, followers come and go fluidly.

Consume Content

Now, reading posts by everyone is different than reading every post. Still, reading posts by everyone means that you do not discriminate. We look for content from our contacts to like. Accordingly, open mind when it comes to reading micro-blogs.

Therefore, the more blog posts we read the better blogger we can become. Given, reading micro-blog posts is experience. As a result, makes you a better writer. In addition, experience adds insight into anything we do. After, our opinions change. Progress occurs.

Consequently, some stuff ends online relationships immediately. Unrequested pictures are a good reason to unfriend another. Possibly block the account. Depends on level of contact. Understand, it is creepy to send pictures without a good reason.

Read Contacts Posts Netiquette

Last, it is proper netiquette to read posts by everyone. Understand, makes us a better blogger. Plus, a more knowledgeable person. But, we have to maintain good contacts. Finally, reading updates is part of the engagement process.

By dpchiles

Brandividual digital marketer.