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Rage Quit Uncool in Video Games

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, if an activity hurts us we have to stop. On the other hand, we need to handle our emotions. So, rage quit uncool in video games. Given, good netiquette to stay in the game. As a result, don’t quit.

Rage Quit Netiquette Video Games

Here, we are dealing with staying in the game to become a better player. Then, physical harm is not the same as emotional harm. However, both are real. Cyber bullying is an issue an issue in the gaming industry.

Win with pride. Lose with dignity. Do not go over board with celebration. Some trash talking is alright. Accept defeat. Plan to do better next time. We can always improve on something. Plus, we can find good things to build on. We need to do this.

Quitting is not popular at the expense of others. Annoying to players who were not part of the reason. Disrespectful, unless there is harm. To quit a video game while others are playing with you is not cool. Since, we are ruining for them.

Game Over

Players have invested time in a common goal by playing together. It is an experience to play console video games with people. Similarly, online gaming is an investment.

If there is good reason to quit it is not a problem. Remember, it is a virtual world. Digital is not real. In any event, addiction to gaming is a recognized psychological disorder. Hence, we may realize we need to stop during a game. More power to you, quit.

The emotions evoked are digital sportsmanship. Good sportswomanship is part of digital network etiquette. Playing a game until it is finished is good digital sportsmanship.

Rage Quit Netiquette

Stay in the game until the end because we play together even we are not on the same team.