Rage Quit Uncool Play On in Video Games

It is good Netiquette to stay in the game. Don’t quit.

Rage Quit Netiquette Video Games

Rage Quit

‘Everyone hates a quitter’ is a popular saying. This is not true, but it does go to show that quitting at the expense of others is annoying to other players. It’s disrespectful to quit a video game while others are playing with you. If there is good reason to quit it is not a problem because it is digital.

Video Games Rage Quit

Players have invested time in a common goal by playing together. It is an experience to play console video games with people. The emotions evoked are digital sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship is similar to digital network etiquette. Playing a game until it is finished is good digital sportsmanship.

Rage Quit Netiquette

Stay in the game until the end because we play together even we are not on the same team.

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