Purchase An Item For Free Wi-Fi In A Cafe

Purchase an item. Hence, good Netiquette to buy. Given, free service to attract customers. As a result, make purchases. Businesses offer service.

First, rule of reciprocity applies to free. So, it is marketing for business. As a result, a one to one relationship. Do this. I will do that. So, purchase an item for Wi-Fi in a cafe. Hence, good netiquette to use free service to attract customers.

Purchase An Item When We Wi-Fi

In any event, get something from the business. Free is an offer of wireless internet service. Then, we log on when we are there for the business. Good customers use it.

As a result, make purchases. Then, a courtesy for the free service. It follows, customary. But, a loyalty card gives us the option to use it. Given, we proved it. On the other hand, meetings are planned for establishments with free Wi-Fi. So, if we cannot afford to patronize the business. Attendance must be mandatory.


Tips are always welcome from customers at coffee shops. There are exceptions to this rule. Some businesses offer loyalty cards.

Prove loyalty. Free to use the service. Kick in a little extra if possible.

This does not release users from the obligation to tip. Barristas at coffee shops work hard and deserve to be tipped like any other personal service.


In conclusion, make a transaction to use wi-fi in a cafe. It follows, be a good customer. And so, loyal.