Privacy Setting Limits For Personal Security

First, data itself is an issue. It follows, we have important stuff on devices. So, privacy setting limits for personal security. Given, good netiquette to use account privacy settings. So, do limit the access of your information with settings.

Privacy Setting Netiquette Personal Security

Privacy Setting

Next, nothing on the internet is private. Then, internet is a public network by definition. Given, data travels through public transmission lines.

Now, encryption provides layers of data security. And so, access based on privileges and accounts. Share with friends consciously, but understand everyone might find out.

Hidden Data

In any event, most will not get a hack. But, employers have a big interest in info shared by employees. Then, photo location is a feature we shall set to off to prevent our boss from knowing. Given, none of their business.

Many studies have shown that human resources search social media and other online account profiles for information to assist in employment decisions. Account settings can limit access to information.

Privacy Setting Netiquette

Limit access to personal information with account settings because it could be used in a scam.

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