Privacy Settings For Web Browser Surfing

First, we have our own preferences. Next, privacy settings netiquette is a custom for web browsers. So, change settings. Hence, control what is available for others to see.

Privacy Settings For Web Browsers

Privacy Settings

Then, settings important. Given, websites track visitors in a number of ways. Thus, manage cookies. Also, do not track requests.

Next, information shared with websites visited can be cleared. After, unable to track. Also, some ways to track we cannot identify.

So, cookies are a small file. As a result, tracks visitors. Hence, login information is stored. Given, other data is stored as well.

Web Browsers Settings

Therefore, websites require cookies. Then, track visitors. So, browsers have a Do Not Track option. Hence, allow cookies. Just tells sites that you do not want to be tracked.

Download folder is an important function. In addition, we can change it before we begin. So, put certain files in other folders. After, switch back.

A default web navigation program is a setting. However, for operating system. Determines which programs opens addresses automatically.

Privacy Netiquette

Review and update settings periodically because preferences change.

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