Price To Pay For Programs in Apps Stores is a Unit

First, Steve Jobs vision, nothing else. So, price to pay in app stores is a unit. Given, good netiquette to purchase reasonably. Shop around for our apps. And so, don’t buy expensive programs. Look around if cost is too high.

Price To Pay For Programs In Stores of Apps

Price To Pay

Most are free. Many cost. An app is eCommerce. Costs range from a few cents to a few hundred dollars depending on the App.

Apps Cost

$0.99 price point is reasonable. Consumers can afford. Plus, developers earn a living. Given, expensive to develop and market, it is reasonable to pay. Even more than $0.99 for an app that helps you professionally.

Helps you earn a living. In some cases specialty apps that cost more $0.99 are the only ones available.

Apps are an unnecessary tool that users, ‘can’t live without’. The previous statement is an oxymoron because you can live without mobile apps if they are unnecessary. Users just feel like they, ‘can’t live without them’.

Price Netiquette

Don’t over pay for apps because so many are free.

Last, for more apps info read the category and page. To end, watch a few cartoons. Given, web is a type of app. Also, way to connect. We need manners.