Plugins Web Browsers Add Ons

Plugins netiquette for web browsers. Hence, manage plug-ins. So, do appropriately.

Plugins Netiquette For Web Browsers Add Ons


A browser plug-in is extra software. Thus, adds functionality. Also, developed by third parties. Therefore, called plug-ins because they require installation.

It follows, add-ons and extensions are popular names as well. Next, settings contain a sub menu for plugins. Then, can be turned on or off. Thus, management.

Plugin Web Browsers Add Ons

Many plug-ins pose a security risk. Then, hacked. So, known for flash and java. Then, turning flash on and off as needed is management. Off by default.

Plugins Netiquette For Web Browsers Add Ons

Actively manage plugins because enabling and disabling them has risks and rewards.

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