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Plagiarism is Cheating Don’t Copy

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, we see stuff over and over on the web. Also, copying quotes for social media is common. Acceptable, as long as we put the speaker. But, class is different. Plagiarism is cheating don’t copy work for class. Given, good netiquette to do the assigned tasks ourselves. As a result, do give credit to sources. And so, don’t copy.

No Plagiarism Netiquette Class

To begin, plagiarism is copying the writing of another. Technically, word order as well as content. Furthermore, our own work is an interpretation. Basically, not giving an author due credit for their work is copying.

But, some quotes have unknown authors. Then, copying for social media is not the same as school. It follows, attribution does not always accompany content.

Next, there are a lot of academic papers available online for free. On top of that, web services offer to write students papers for payment. Furthermore, there are networks that trade academic works for submission.

Copying Course Work

In the first place, writing is necessary in online education. Also, internet is text based. Then, learning teaches us to read, analyze, and write about a subject. It follows, create our own work.

Now, writing original text is creation. After, the depth of understanding from person to person may vary for a given topic. Who knows when we copy if there is any comprehension. Reason it is called cheating in class. Hence, software checks assignments for plagiarism. Given, academia needs creators of content get due credit.

Now, a fine line exists. Code copying is necessary on some levels. Functions are supposed to be written a certain way. Looking at a snippet of code. After, rewriting it often introduces error. We want each other to read and understand text for better communication in this tip.

Plagiarism is Cheating Netiquette

Don’t copy because it cheats all who consume the content and the creator.