Pictures in Posts Are Popular on Social Networks

First, we prefer to look at an image over text. So, pictures in posts are popular on social networks. Given, proper netiquette to post photos on social networks. So, upload pics.

Pictures Netiquette Social Networks

Pictures Posts

It follows, images are easy for users to understand. No education is required to know what your looking at. Next, it doesn’t take a degree to smile.

Also, we get a happy feeling from a picture. Instant gratification. On the other hand, text takes some time to enjoy. But, pics are quick fun to look at.

Social Network Images

Hence, picture is worth a thousand words. And so, a thousand words equals a lot of comments. Post photos because they encourage engagement through comments.

As a result, images receive more comments than status updates because everyone has an opinion on how a person looks. The way a user looks is social. People wear clothes based on the social class and groups they are a part of.

Pictures Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to post images for your friends because it encourages engagement and validates your relationships.

Last, for more info visit category and page posts. Finally, cartoons have specific tips. Also, related concepts. Please, watch and learn.