Personal safety netiquette. Culture of protecting yourself. So, avoiding harm. Tips for security. Hence, we need to learn. It follows, take some time to read.

Thus, freedom from the dangers we identify. Also, social. Given, good people. Accordingly, transparency is paramount.

In any event, bad words refer to harm in some way. As a result, stay away from curse word. And so, protects from people who may break the law.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

Personal Safety Netiquette Rules

  1. Settings

    Limit access to personal data.Privacy Setting Personal Safety

  2. Unknown

    Follow links to reputable domains.Unknown Link Personal Personal Safety

  3. Caution

    Accept positive images only.Reasonable Friend Personal Safety

  4. Misleading

    Info is not stated for a reason.Assumptions Personal Safety

  5. Trust

    No. Verify.No Trust Personal Safety

Consequently, ‘darn it’ is a curse. Worst phrase in my vocabulary. ‘It’ ain’t did nothing to me.

Personal Safety Network Etiquette

Personal safety netiquette rules are a code for protecting people from harm. There are other dangers and risky behavior on the internet besides crime. There are traditional criminals and cyber criminals.

Cyber criminals break the law on the internet. Conventions for staying within the boundaries of the law to prevent harm are central activities of these guidelines.

Identity theft arises from data breach. Often, we learn of it from share and tell. Media reports. Businesses alert customers.


How we prevent ourselves from being harmed. The spirit of traditional laws is taken into account before posting conventions. Legislation requires more considerations than personal tips for avoiding criminals.

For example, recreational drug use is acceptable in the Information Age. Drug users curse and swear more than others. Avoiding bad words may help avoid them or those whose use is a problem.

Phishing, identity theft, and fraud can be found online. Child predators have been known to find victims on the internet. There are customs many people follow to prevent these crimes.

Personal Safety Netiquette

It is hard to tell a legitimate offer from a fake offer. All come in the same language, HTML. Antivirus software to protects us to a small extent. It is a convention and has its own conventions.

Meeting someone from online engagement is acceptance of an HTML offer. Crowded places provide some social protection. It makes leaving easier. Security to some degree is provided by the people around you.

The social code of mitigating risk of harm from online interaction. The rules are the guidelines we follow to avoid getting hurt on the internet. Personal Safety Netiquette Rules are the specific tips we follow personally.

To end, please watch the cartoons. Given, videos about related topics. Also, theory. Good advice.