Personal Info Private Sharing For Safety

First, we keep some stuff to our self with good reason. So, personal info private sharing for safety. Given, proper netiquette to refrain from sharing certain information online. So, do keep some things private.

Personal Info Netiquette For Safety

Personal Info

Next, location considered private. Also, employment. Given, info that can be used in a scam. However, in some cases it is not private information. Internet professionals have different rules.

Then, transparency is part of digital transformation. As a result, companies share more. It follows, individuals share less. In any event, we find our own balance.

Digital Safety

Protect yourself from scams by keeping personal information personal. Share your interests, likes, and other intellectual information about who you are inside with cyber friends. Many applications ask for specific permission to collect location information.

Application on mobile devices often ask for permission to collect and share location information. A message popup often appears asking for permission to share your location when a site requests it.

Personal Info Netiquette

Use an uppercase letter, number, and character for a strong password because they are hard to crack.

Last, for info check out category and page posts. Finally, watch related cartoons with customary rules. Also, a recap of these rules. Finish the lesson with some fun.