Permalink Posts For SEO Ranking Blogging

It is proper Netiquette to permalink each post. Do make sure there is a unique URL.

Permalink Netiquette Blogging

Permalink Posts

Blogs are a way for writers to leave their marks on the internet. It’s your opinion for all in cyberspace to read. Permanent links will make your opinion last. Permalink your posts.

Permalink Blogging

Permalinking posts gives each post a unique URL that can be crawled by search engines. Crawling is what search engines do to find websites once they are created.

Crawling brings a blog more hits because a search engine has to know where a blog is recommend it. More hits attract more readers. Using a web address with the title of the blog or other keywords increases the search ranking.

Permalink Netiquette

Permalink posts with a relevant URL because it makes it easier to find for search engines.

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