Confirm Payment By Phone First For Classifieds

First, it is good Netiquette to ask about payment on the telephone and or through email before meeting. So, do confirm payment through a verifiable communication medium. Given, we must agree.

Confirm Payment Netiquette Classifieds

Confirm Payment

Next, there is a lot of Classifieds crime. Hence, stealing happens. Even worse. Money is generally the issue. Confirm payment method to scare off potential criminals.

Classifieds Payment Confirmation

Send an email message to confirm the method of payment, price, and condition of an item. Use your cell phone to verify information after email correspondence. This applies to buyers and sellers.

Email leaves an electronic trail with the Internet Protocol Address of the sender. Cellular phone calls leave an electronic trail with the wireless carrier. Then, info in the electronic trail. And so, proves a scam.

Payment Confirmation Netiquette

Verify payment because it contributes to a smooth transaction and deters crime.

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