Paragraphs Quick And Easy To Read Blogging

It takes a lot of practice to write below our grade level. Writing to readability standards is more difficult. Paragraphs quick and easy to read blogging.

First, it takes a lot of practice to write below our grade level. Next, writing to readability standards is even more difficult. So, paragraphs quick and easy to read blogging. Given, proper netiquette to use small text blocks. As a result, we understand better. Then, don’t write long sentences.

Paragraph Netiquette Blogging


When I see a big paragraph online I cringe. It feels like a chore to read large paragraphs. The internet is supposed to be fun and easy to read. It’s not supposed to be a textbook that you have to struggle to understand.

Easy Reading

Three to seven sentences in blog posts because the format of a blog does include a wide arrangement of text. Given, that there is a short arrangement of text, large paragraphs discourage readers from reading a blog because it appears to be complex reading. Blogs should contain small text blocks for readability reasons that are rooted in formatting.

This is a general guideline. Please do not be discouraged from writing because of format issues. Use an opening sentence, thesis (what it’s about), and closing sentence. This is just a start. Any style is up to you.

Paragraphs Netiquette

Use small sentences to keep the attention of the audience.

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