Opinions Change Time And Time Again Blogging

It is proper Netiquette to consider posts opinions that change over time. Don’t take blogs too seriously.

Opinion Netiquette Blogging

Opinions Change

Everyone has an opinion. Opinions are personal, that is why every person has one. However, everyone does not know the facts. Facts are learned through research and true no matter what.

Opinion Blogging

Opinion is not fact. Opinions are feelings. Feelings change over time naturally because humans grow, it’s organic. Growth requires the acquisition of knowledge through experience. Blogs are opinions by definition.

Since blogs are opinions by definition because they are web logs conclusions drawn from reading them are pure entertainment. Bloggers do not have to tell the truth because it is social communication. Social communication lets people lie. It is what it is. Do not expect a blog to be true. Expect a blog to be a fun read.

Opinion Netiquette

Content is opinion, not fact because it contains personal bias by definition.

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