Open Mind For Learning New Stuff in Class

First, it is good Netiquette to keep an open mind. So, do be open to new ideas.

Open Mind Netiquette Class

Open Mind

Next, an open mind for ideas. And so, action is a requirement to acquire knowledge. Opinions do not have to be judgmental to be genuine. Education is for learning. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge.

Then, education is not to judge the actions of another. Mistakes, failures, and ignorance are opportunities to learn. Reasonable disagreement is a learning experience for all parties involved.

Open Mind Class

Some people are more likely to participate in online discussions than they would be to participate in a physical class discussion. However, discussion forums dominated by strong opinions are discouraging. Accepting others opinion in polite disagreement encourages people with dissenting opinions to continue to participate.

Open Mind Netiquette

Keep an open mind because closed thinking block new learning and innovation.

Last, for info about classes check out the category and page posts. To end, watch a few cartoons. General web tips. Given, everything helps. Provides more confidence.