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Take Notes To Look Over For Mooc Quizzes

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First, we know what is important to us. Also, instructors provided material about concepts for us to consume. Then, we get something out of it for ourselves. So, take notes to look over for Mooc quizzes. Given, good netiquette to study. As a result, watch lectures multiple times. So, do know what the teacher says. Study to pass the quiz.

Take Notes To Look Over

In any event, we acquire skills designed for us to learn. Next, we must pass evaluations in online classes. As a result, study learning material for periodic evaluations that lead up to the final test.

Furthermore, lectures through online videos are the core study aids. Watching them multiple times is often aloud. Also, slides from the instructors film are similar to handouts. In addition, some provide transcripts. On top of that, blogs and other website links are provided. After, transcripts and other written text material on sites are the textbook.

The video, slides, and transcripts of a lecture get views. Hence, multiple times. Also, saved. They are study aids. Studying requires writing stuff down. It follows we take notes from them. Outside websites provide good context. In general, other sites material is not quizzed.


Firstly, we transfer concepts explained by others into our own mind. To understand, learning material is written in our words. Therefore, we comprehend it personally. Notes are the output of the intake of information. Comprehension of study aids.

Simply watching lectures is not enough. Reading material does not usually give a student the required practice processing the concept. We need to internalize the information. But, no required to. Certificates are earned by going through the motions.

Alternatively, watching videos multiple times helps us internalize the concepts. Since, reinforces the material. Writing down key points lets us know what we think is important. Noting explanations from slides is what the professor thinks is important. Reviewing our notes prepares us for quizzes.

Take Notes Netiquette

Take notes from material because it helps internalize the lessons.