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No Self Recommendations Unacceptable for Books

First, no self recommendations. So, proper netiquette to refrain. Hence, no recs for our own books to contacts. Yet, mailing list.

First, no recs for our own books to contacts. Then, customary to announce it in a feed. Yet, mailing list or announcement and ads are alright. A fine line. Author accounts allow promo. Personal, not so much. So, no self recommendations unacceptable for books. Proper netiquette to refrain.

No Self Recommendations

Self Recommendation

What do you think when someone recommends that you buy something and you have not asked about it?

Most consider that spam. Given, unwelcome. Since, we wrote the book. Then, a lot depends on how relationships form.

A rec on a book network is a message. Sent to your connections about a book that you have read. As a result, telling your friends, followers, and online associates. Personal book club type of message. Given, we like to read.

In any event, we make contacts for authentic suggestions. It follows, discussions about reading are inspiring. Sharing our insight is fun. Reciprocal views are awesome. Intellectually entertaining.

Book Network Recs

Now, we want to know about good books. Not your own, unless our relationship is on that level. So, distinction between contacts determines when to promote our content. Else, spam. However, acceptable on micro blogs. It’s an unsolicited advertisement. Intended for works by other authors.

Using the recommendation system of a book network to promote your book is misuse of the system. It’s an unintended consequence of being able to recommend a book to friends. Then, many grow a personal brand into an ebook author. In general, works for social media. Less effective on specialized networks.

Hence, we expect unbiased info we can act on. Thus, we want to know the must read books. Great ones for learning something about life. It follows, the stuff you enjoy is something we may too. Advertise in other ways by design.

No Self Recommendations Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to refrain from recommending your own book because that is advertising intended for another place.

By dpchiles

Brandividual digital marketer.