No Hate Neutral If Not Nice In Social Media

No Hate is proper social media etiquette. Then, do resist urges to post negative stuff. Hence, engage User Generated Content (UGC) with an open mind.

No Hate Neutral If Not Nice In Social Media

No Hate

For example, we draw text like this n0h8. Given, means same thing. Also, organizers draw the text for love campaigns.

Thus, critics agree. Therefore, help is not hurting. Additionally, honesty is not best policy.

Opinion not based on experience. For example, must be based on something else if it’s a first time. Not worth letting it stop us.

Can be hard to identify.

What is hate?

Good conduct is the opposite. Therefore, hate is an intense anger. Prejudice in other words. It follows, could be jealous.

Get Along In Social Media

Intense dislike is not proper. Given, extreme and unreasonable. Plus, intensity denotes something that is more than normal.

Prejudice is unreasonable because it is not based on actual experience. Top

No Hate Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to engage others in social media without hurting. Do not be extreme and unreasonable.

Last, for more info visit category and page posts. Check out these cartoons for background on netiquette.