Follow Natural Law Tell on Teachers in Schools

Now, the teacher is a person to watch. Also, tell on. It follows, the web has a more ideal power structure. Given, designed to remove illegitimate authority. Then, follow natural law tell on teachers in schools. Given, good netiquette to get the best out of it. So, don’t go against human rights. Given, rules are made to protect power. And so, cannot be followed all the time.

Natural Law Learning

Follow Natural Law

Next, follow natural law. Hence, parents our are first teachers. After, truth is required. Thus, governs teachers, students, and everyone else. Given jurisdiction, city, state, or nation.

Hence, family is a school of thought. Religious order is another level. After, government makes rules that create schools. But, some learn at home or church. So, three sets of checks and balances. Laws that allow them. Lessons must be within human rights. Teachers have to follow.

Common Sense

There is information online that is outside the boundaries of the law. Teachers have been known to do things that are not appropriate. These are two extremes that should not be tolerated. Google saves searches. Law enforcement prohibits teachers from touching students.

Follow Natural Law Netiquette

Avoid illegal activity because old school and new school crimes happen in education.

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