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Moderation To Avoid Extreme Social Media

Moderation to avoid extreme social media. Given, proper social media etiquette is acceptable behavior. Yes, please do engage socially with in our own boundaries. So, balance reciprocity. Be cool.

Moderation To Avoid Extreme Social Media


Given, we can think of it in religion. Also math. Hence, our point of balance is a guide.

Then, middle of our world view. Accordingly, spiritual. However, every action reaction is real.

Hence, show restraint from extreme behavior. In social, limits from extreme online activities within a given network.

Social media posts can be extreme in nature and excessive in quantity. This is not moderate.

Also, a privacy setting as well. It denotes a status that lets you review comments by others before they are published publicly. This is a setting for walls and blogs. Most web pages offer settings with limits.

Social Media Norms

Moderate posting is politically correct material posted no more than twice a day. Excessive posting is more than three posts a day.

For example, three posts a day works great on some networks. Posts of extreme nature are politically incorrect posts. Top

Moderation Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to do everything in moderation. On the other hand, too much of anything is not a good thing.

By dpchiles

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