Mobile Manners

Mobile netiquette conventions of movable electronics. So, a social code of wireless.

Times and places depend on our circumstances. Social constraints of those around influence us. Depends on who can see our screen.
David Chiles

Internet Etiquette


Seriously, do not talk or text and drive. At least, use hands free accessories.


Wi-Fi is high frequency signals. Computers and electronics use it to connect to the internet.


People who use electronics to make good decisions based on accurate information.

10 Mobile Netiquette Rules

A class of electronics with Wi-Fi capabilities. An easily moveable internet electronic. Thus, smartphones, tablets, Laptops, Smart Watches, and other wearables.

Apps are SMART. How we use the is cultural. Network etiquette for easily movable electronics. Mobile internet etiquette.

Designed to carry in our hands. Used at the same time. We do not like to be tied down by a power cord. Wearables too. Smartwatches are popular.

A quick overview of the top ten do’s and don’ts for electronics. Basic stuff we can do to be mindful of our surroundings while computing around. Voice over by David Chiles. Run time is 1 minute 24 seconds.

Mobile Netiquette Rules