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Mobile First Web Design For Small Screens

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

To start, we use our phones for the internet more than anything else. So, mobile first web design for small screens. Then, our primary online experience is less than a desktop monitor. But, we like to think it is the same. It is not. Since, the same features and benefits don’t fit. Given, proper netiquette to use our devices. Do make webpages for smartphones.

Mobile First Netiquette For Web Design

Accordingly, a mantra of web design to build for mobile. It follows, popular catch phrase to use for motivation. Means to use responsive design techniques in content creation. Twitter’s bootstrap framework made it popular. Since, free to use for designers. Still, work for twitter.

A responsive web design is a one column layout that is centered in the middle of the page. Then, page looks the same whether it used on a mobile device or a desktop.

Thus, only difference is the font size. Pictures and graphics are barely used if at all in responsive web design. Also, goes hand in hand with material design, which is minimalist.

Smartphone Websites

In the beginning, we may be found online by phone. Hence, a page or profile is our calling card. Therefore, we add content with smartphone websites in mind.

Next, we use some sort of tool. For example, social media is a tool to build a personal profile. After, we have a web page. In addition, blog applications build domains for us too. Also, web developers use frameworks.

There are a lot of templates available with responsive design themes. Note, screen size of feature phones is about 200 pixels. Most web design frameworks, CMS, or other web building tool resizes pictures for us.

Mobile First Netiquette

Smartphone first because there are more handsets than personal computers. More than toilets in the world.