Mistakes Fix Don’t Forget In Social Media

Correct mistakes for proper social media etiquette. Then, do fix errors.  So, make corrections after the post.

Mistakes Fix Don’t Forget In Social Media


Given, we all make them. Thus, to be expected. It follows, acceptable.

In any case, undesirable. Accordingly, quick change makes more attractive. Hence, nice.

An action that is wrong. So, posting information that is wrong. Wrong information can be a misspelling or misinformation entirely.

Fix a misspelled word. Done by editing the post on some networks. On the other hand, could require post be deleted. After, reposted with the correct spelling and grammar.

Social Media Corrections

Correct posts with incorrect grammar. Given, punctuation prevents reshares. Less people see it. Posts appear in social media search results from a given network.

Wrong information that is entirely misinformation should be deleted. News agency’s post corrections. Some people post correction updates.

Mistakes Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to fix your social media errors because they are wrong. Fix or delete misinformation.

Last, for more info visit category and page posts. Check out these cartoons for background on netiquette.