Micro Blog Netiquette Rules For Small Opinions

First, micro blog netiquette. So, the social code of small opinions. And so, short. Take some to understand basic tips. Next, sharing is caring. Hence, we follow.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Micro Blog Netiquette Rules

  1. Limit

    First, short text. Long tags. Action verb.

  2. Controversy

    Second, post prudent material.

  3. Stories

    Articles from credible sources.

  4. News

    Current events breaking information.

  5. Organize

    List friends, followers, and the like.

  6. Discover

    Read posts by everyone.

  7. Follow

    Adjust the feed for good content.

  8. Repost

    Post good content for our contacts.

  9. Find

    Look for contacts.

Short Post Rules

Then, way to share data in networks. Thus, strict limits. As a result, following posts, listing, and re-posting for influence.

Hence, users may connect with others. Next, share information. Then, follow other users and be followed. After, customs of quick posts. So, post with few characters.

To start, personal. After, for organizations. Also, limited amount of character space and or file size.

Descriptively, micro-blog means to post limited text regularly. So, maintained through a platform. Then, in a domain.

Micro Blog

Website in a domain user brief shares. It follows, publishes short opinions. Also, other data with limits.

Limits are a major difference. Given, popular expressions of emotion. Then, emotional outburst. Emotional posts get views.

However, content is professional as well. Given, strict character and file size limits. It follows, opinions are very conclusory.

Facts can be shared with opinions. But, limited space leads to opinions with out facts. And so, rants. Logical conclusions need a factual basis.

Or else, not to take seriously. Since, not enough information to form a valid opinion. Often, links to related information. Hence, gives posts more validity.

Micro Blog Netiquette

A common feature of micro blog platforms is the hashtag group. Hashtags “#” placed in front of keywords group posts according to the keyword. Hashtags denotes topics. Popular hashtags are known as trending topics.

Social code of short blog posts. Rules users follow in the peer groups they are in. Business personal, social.

Rants are common. Emotional opinion of a user that attacks an issue. Celebrities rant about something that bothers them. Regular users are known to rant about people, places, and things.