Loyalty Customer Rewards Program For A Cafe

First, do not take outside food in a hotspot. Also, get the app. Plus, rewards program.

Loyalty Customer Rewards Program

Loyalty Customer

Next, good internet etiquette to refrain from eating food that you purchased somewhere else. Given, meant to eat it somewhere else.

Hotspots vary from place to place. Many offer a variety of food. Others only offer drinks. Others do not allow food or drink.

The menu selection is a reflection of the image the organization is trying to portray. It’s their brand. Bringing in food from outside a hotspot dilutes the brands because it sends a message that another service is better.

It costs them more than a lost sale. Then, makes the hotspot look bad. Which can be worse. It makes loyal customers uncomfortable because they have brand traitors in their midst. Do not disrespect the hotspot.

Last, for more info go to category or page posts. Finally, cartoons to watch. Reinforces concepts and values. But, not the same content.