Location of Exchange For Goods From Classifieds

It is good Netiquette to set up meetings in a safe place. Don’t put yourself in harms way.

Location Netiquette Classifieds

Location of Exchange

A safe location for purchasing an item in an online classified is a place that is neither party has to invest in to make a purchase. Someplace with security. Visible cameras and guards are security. It is a place where the buyer and seller are both comfortable. Neither party has a social advantage based on friendships at a safe location.

Classifieds Location

Far away places are not safe. A party has to invest time and gas. This is figured into the cost when a buyer wants to walk away from a deal. A sellers house is not safe because the seller is more comfortable at home. Safe locations for viewing an item give the buyer and seller the opportunity to walk away with no strings attached. Some police stations allow online classified transactions in their parking lot.

Location Netiquette

Meet at a safe location because it may prevent being taken advantage of or victimized.

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