Issue Attack Nothing Personal Blogging

Right is right according to popular trends. Next, we learn new things. So, issue attack nothing personal blogging. Proper netiquette to deal with topics.

First, right is according to popular trends. Then, we use principles to guide our decision making process. As a result, values change slower than trends. Next, we learn new things. So, issue attack nothing personal blogging. Given, proper netiquette to deal with topics. And so, don’t single regular people out.

Issue Netiquette Blogging

Issue Attack Blog Netiquette

Many people use the internet to vent. If it helps a user work out the issues they have by venting online I am all for it. Do what you have to do.

Users attack the people they have an issue with online for various reasons. Attacking public figures is acceptable because they represent the issues. Attacking private people is not because they only represent themselves. Intellectually attacking public figures is the price they pay for their fame and notoriety. It’s acceptable under the law and Netiquette principles.

Issue Blogging

It is not acceptable, has to be another reason, to write your neighbors name in a blog post because his dog ate your flowers. Also, the truth is an absolute defense. It is acceptable to write about the issue of dogs eating flowers.

Intellectually attacking your neighbor is bad Netiquette for many reasons. Simply put, it’s cyber bullying on a network scale. Even if you do not have any friends, blogging a personal attack on the internet leverages the power of the domain to publish a personal attack.

Issue Netiquette Blogging

Attack issues, topics, and subjects because it will effectively communicate our opinions.

By dpchiles

Brandividual digital marketer.