In Real Life Presence Screen is Cyber on Smartphones

To start, here and now is the present. So, in real life presence screen is cyber on smartphones. Given, proper Netiquette to stay engaged in reality. Don’t get stuck in virtual reality.

In Real Life Netiquette Smartphones

In Real Life

Live in the moment not waiting for our smartphone. Hence, allow users to do many things at once. But, we are not doing anything real. It is the manipulation of data.

It follows, most of it can be done involved in other stuff that is in the here and now. For example, sitting at a common table. Then, engagement on the phone is virtual. On the other hand, talking to someone at the table is real.

Smartphone Presence

Busy people cannot control themselves sometimes. Given, we set limits for healthy interaction with people. Then, we can do it on our smartphone too.

Now, tools are available to help. Social apps have reminders for time on the site. And so, daily and weekly use can be regulated if nothing else. So, at least we are in reality when not on the phone.

In Real Life Netiquette

Live in the moment because devices are digital.

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