First, we have a saying, “you are going to need to sit down for this”. Then, prepares us for what follows. Next, telecommunications removes us from the room. So, good news text messages nothing too serious. Given, good internet etiquette to refrain from texting bad news because no one may be with the recipient to console them. Text good news.

Good News Text

Good News

Next, good news travels fast. It follows, everyone wants to be uplifted. On the other hand, no one wants to be taken down. Then, spread a little sunshine. As a result, send positive posts.

Then there are many reasons to do it exclusively. Thus, bad news is not mature because of the effect it can have on the recipient. Text messages are often misunderstood.

Clearly Well Received

Abbreviations and acronyms used are not universal and the recipient may not be aware of the meaning of them. Mistakes happen. It is easy to send a text to the wrong person.

Good News Text Netiquette

Therefore, send a nice inspirational post wen texting. And so, save the bad news. Also, make it clear. Practice proper netiquette.

Last, for info go to category and page posts. Finally, watch cartoons. Videos are related topics. So, tips that may help. Not these rules exactly. Also, theory.