Good News Messages No Bad Text

It is good internet etiquette to refrain from texting bad news because no one may be with the recipient to console them. Text good news.

Good News Netiquette

Good News

Good news travels fast. Text good news because everyone wants to be uplifted and no one wants to be taken down. Share a little sunshine by sending good news and positive text messages.

There are many reasons to text good news exclusively. Texting bad news is not mature because of the effect it can have on the recipient. Text messages are often misunderstood.

Abbreviations and acronyms used are not universal and the recipient may not be aware of the meaning of them. Mistakes happen. It is easy to send a text to the wrong person.

For example, I told my Mom that thank you and I loved her for all the support she and her side of the family has given me to my friend. I thought I was replying to her text, but was replying to his. Had I been texting bad news our friendship would have been affected. Since it was good news, he just laughed and teased me about it.

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