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Golden Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

David Chiles

We need to reciprocate. Show love and friendship to get it.


Reciprocity is human, Golden Rule. Accordingly, reciprocal is an inverse relationship. Therefore, a duty between us to continue the custom.


To start, helpful actions based on a best behavior standard. It’s about common sense practices. But, a lot of history stuff went into it.


Appropriate behavior continues when followed. One for the other. Thus, the spiritual, moral, and ethical foundation of community.


Golden Rule transformed us from foraging for food to hunting it for our families. Thus, we began to share, work together. After, Bronze Age started.

To understand, sign of the cross is the sign of my family. First, Susa formed. Later, Cyrus was the great law giver. Converted family to Zorastriasm. Wrote a social code similar to netiquette.

Now, Islam is our natural state of being. Continues the belief in One God. Not an exact science, but closest as far as we can tell. Mohamed, peace be upon him, is the prophet.

David Chiles Netiquette Man

My Story

Our family rule. Mother’s side who raised me. Persian Royalty.

Our Story

Begins written history. Disinformation & internet part of it.

golden rule language


Natural law, greater good. We have value, roles. Stake in our class.


Aryans worship God with the Golden Rule. During the Vedic Period we spread out with sanskrit documents containing Gods names. Cyrus and Zoroaraster’s time. Zoroarastrinism symbolism is in both Hindu & Muslim Religions. Matrilineal succession determined Kings.


Golden Rule
  • Gold Standard
  • Persian Royal Road
  • Laws Protecting Kids


Persian Royalty was further developed by Parsians under the Zorastrian religion during a time period that was incorrectly calculated. Dionysius did not include year zero in a transition. So, measures are not equal. Political motivation set the date for Jesus’s birth in December. Planned birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth happened in the Spring of an unaccounted for year.

Natural Law

golden rule quran

Golden Rule made us human under God naturally. Cyrus the ‘Great Law Giver’ civilized us for One God. Darius the ‘Great’ created the first world order. Mohammad, peace be upon him, words were interpreted in the Quran as Natural Law.

Natural Language

Natural Language Chart

We are part of an objective system. Hence, natural world, religious. It follows, community develops symbols of description.

We speak, write, and gesture. Yet, communication is based on our belief in the system, God. Given, non-religious is a curse.

Then, good things come from God. A popular value. As a result, numerology is a natural language used to describe our systemic values artificially. Norms are our guide, natural law.

Digital Transformation

Given, we, Persian Royalty, are credited with development of natural law. Thus, a belief in one God led to the rise of humanity. It follows, Natural Language Processing is our next stage.

Accordingly, we do more for ourselves talking to our devices. Naturally positive communication rules, help. Neutral content is the reciprocal, not helping.

Harmful content shall have safeguards for positive use. It’s not acceptable. However, we must be free to engage within limits, moderation.

Naturally, allows engagement in our own way. Hence, we can alter, disregard, or apply. Consequently, It’s conventional, trendy.

Follow our rule. Think about it. Get what you can. Give back. Share.

Finally, casually use computers for commerce. Mainstream methods are best in principle, internet etiquette. Still, we use variations in practice.

Video transcript

Netiquette is the social code of the internet. Cyberbullying happens. Flaming is common. Internet trolls like to throw shade on our appearance.

That’s why we follow internet rules. To be free from salty comments we use social media etiquette.

To begin, the golden rule. Like for like, follow for follow type engagement. Ask yourself, would you like this? Use this rule to discover new contacts. Follow or like someone.

We give respect to get it. Internet safety in a way. The kindness we show directly affects the compassion we get.

If we spill the tea, it can be hard to get empathy from friends. We need to stay woke on internet rules.

Instead of trying to be the G.O.A.T. focus on inclusivity. Stick to the top ten customs without being extra.

We are talking about using the web effectively. Getting the little things right. Learning the tips takes some time. We know what every else is doing for digital civility after that.

Healthy web use is our goal. A lot of stuff is connected one way or the other. It’s the iot. Come on, we talk to our devices.

Sharing a great picture or article works well. Be original in that it’s something our associates haven’t seen yet. So, get something you know is trending. Slay it with content that’s relevant right now.

Last, pace tasks for online engagement. Plan communication. Develop your own processes. Engagement gets better.

Know your netiquette. Check out the top customs to add more discipline to routines. Share them for authority.

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