Friend With Good Reason For Personal Security

First, algorithms suggest contacts. Hence, our preferences are taken into consideration. However, friend with good reason for personal security. Given, good netiquette to reasonably associate. As a result, do have your own criteria for contacts.

Friendship Netiquette Personal Security

Friend With Good Reason

Next, we judge each other by the people we know. Hence, our online contacts affect our online images. In any event, we consider friends of a friend. It follows, positive online profiles are helpful.

However, people with a lot of friends are exempt. Since, not possible to know their actions. And so, people with a lot of contacts are not really friends with them. They are associates.


The status updates of your friends affect your online image. Many users judge others by their friends. Friends who post about illegal activity may damage your online image.

Employees lose jobs for posting inappropriate content online. It follows that having contacts who post similar material will affect your professional image. Even though it is personal.

Friend With Good Reason Netiquette

In conclusion, accept friends with caution. Given, we judge by the people we know.

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