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First, it is good Netiquette to participate in forums. Then, do post. Given, we engage each other to learn.

Forum Netiquette Mooc’s

Forum Ask Answer

It follows, discussion forums allows students to post questions and topics about course material. Hence, students, teachers, and teaching assistants can respond to threads.

Also, teaching assistants read all discussion topics. Then, respond appropriately to important questions and topics. Professors sometimes answer questions.

Mooc Forum

In any event, discussion forums replace the classroom questions and answers. Thus, supplement lectures. Many provide tutoring similar to an online textbook. Students ask questions and get answers.

Participation in the discussion forum requires reading posts, answering questions, and asking questions. Reading posts is a way to get to know classmates. Asking and answering questions is a way for your classmates to get to know you.

Forum Netiquette

Discussions tutor because they are in their own words with personal connections.

Last, for more info go to the category or page posts. To end, watch videos. Related to interaction in the acquisition of knowledge. Stuff to think about. Good tips.