Follow For Follow Like For Like Micro Blogs

First, we want attention. Next, most won’t give it without notice. So, follow for follow like for like. Given, proper netiquette since popular hashtags. Then, engage.

Follow For Follow Like For Like Micro Blogs

Follow For Follow

Next, a good amateur micro-blogger finds an audience in the users attention is given to. After, they get noticed. Thus, return the attention.

As a result, no real authority. Given, users are just being nice. As a result, good followers like. Then, some special talent to micro-blogging. Given, popular demand.

In any event, works to a certain degree. However, real clout is earned by the quality of content. So, posts still have to be good. Also, harder to get likes than with authentic fans.

Micro Blogs Followers

Following users on micro-blog networks is the first step in creating a symbiotic user/follower relationship. A symbiotic user relationship with followers is one with mutual engagement.

Relationship start with contact. Start relationships. Connect to others and they will connect back. It’s a good way to start a cyber relationship.

Follower Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to connect with other users on micro-blog networks because the user follower relationship promotes mutual engagement.

Last, for more info check out category and page posts. Finally, watch some cartoons. Reinforce some of the other concepts. Look at the specific tips. All of it helps.