First, wireless is mobile because electronics without wires are easily movable. Next, devices connect to physical access points. After, we interact with data as well as each other. It follows, go with the flow for mobile to be stylish. Given, proper netiquette to follow the culture around you. As a result, do embrace humanity.

Culture of Mobile


Next, for using wireless devices in public. Then, users must follow the culture. Often specific to a place. So, the crowd. In addition, to other online users.

In some cases the flow is to put devices away. Given, not acceptable to be used at the time. Also, on display. For example, in sport coat pocket is professional style.

Mobile Flow

At hotspots smartphone Wi-Fi use is always acceptable. We use tablets at there too. Laptops, occasionally. For some that is the occasion.

So, a person with a laptop may feel the flow to sit at a small or common table. Letting others take seats that fit their visits better.

Netiquette For Mobile

Follow the cultural norms of the crowd around you because humanity comes first. Keep it real. But, don’t forget about our online audience. Also, exceptions to the rule exist for professional reasons.