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Eye Level Camera For Video VOIP

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, we give respect to those who look us in the eye most of the time. So, eye level camera position for video VOIP. Given, proper netiquette to place the web cam right in front of us. As a result, at eye level for video calls. Hence, we are looking the caller in the eye when you chat.

Eye Level Camera For Video VOIP Netiquette

To begin, we like to see into the eyes of people speaking. But for, a few cultural exceptions. Then, look into a live camera directly. In any event, place the web cam at eye level for recording.

On mobile calls we have to hold it up that high with our hands. Similarly, laptops may need something placed underneath to bring to the level we need. Accordingly, lowering our adjustable chair may be required on a desktop. So look the caller in the eye when chatting.

A lot of professional use cases. News reporters often do interviews and give reports this way. Mobile devices have more social uses.


Next, there are popular mobile voice call third party apps. Plus, iOS has Facetime. Android has Duo. Both, preinstalled by various wireless carriers. So, they come with phones.

Skype is cross platform voice call web real time communication software. A desktop, browser, and mobile app on Android and iOS. As a result, we can do it in a browser. In addition, mobile app. Furthermore, windows desktop program. Memory intensive on any device.

Given, looking person in the eye is a common social convention. Considered a trait of a confident person. Also, an audio visual cue for filming. Thus, we get more effective communication for a couple of reasons.

Eye Level Camera Netiquette

Therefore, proper netiquette to look the video caller in the eye. So, put the camera at that level.