Digital Citizenship

Ethics of Digital Citizens For Value Added Interaction

First, over all right and wrong we humans follow. Next, ethics of digital citizens for value added interaction. Given, proper netiquette to follow certain principles. So, we start from positive exchange between us. Then, add value from our actions. Also, known as information. So, valuable info is good to exchange.

Ethics Digital Citizenship Netiquette


To start, includes awareness, analysis, and action. Then, Golden Rule is ethical standard of world. As a result, “Treat others the way you want to be treated”.

It follows, awareness requires information from online news sources. Accordingly, Golden Rule within the boundaries of law. Next, analysis. After, actions are personal interpretations.

As a result, core rules are each an ethic. In any event, starts with a concept. We think about how to apply. Last, we follow basic actions for acceptable behavior.

Ethical Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizens follow the spirit of the Golden Rule. Hence, awareness raised by articles, blogs, micro-blogs, and video. Consequently, comes from new media.

It follows, social media, mobile, search, and online material. And so, we take it all in. Learn a thing or two. Lastly, reciprocate.

In principle, add value. Certain actions are right. Others are wrong. First, we want our messages clear. But, we have to be clear on what we want. So, meaning is not discrete. Even, if we measure.

Ethics Digital Citizenship Netiquette Rules

In conclusion, respect is how to interpret Golden Rule. Other users do as other users do. Respect is reciprocal in a given domain.

For example, like for like is not literal. Given, follow is more respect. On the other hand, a profile view is something.

Therefore, tips bring us in line to form a class of users. Understand, brings us together in agreement. But, need to know ethics in order to agree. Finally, it is an order.

Hence, ordained by God. But, we all don’t know. So, some just call conventional behavior ethical. Last, we need to know what’s normal. Then, some religious belief is normal. On the other hand, common goals, help, and effective communication are reasons without religious implications to follow good over evil.

By dpchiles

Brandividual digital marketer.