Emoticons Not Too Much To Add Meaning To Text

Little emotional graphics convey feeling. A marketing technique. Strengthens a connection. Emoticons not too much to add meaning to text. Good netiquette.

To start, little emotional graphics convey feelings. Accordingly, similar to facial expressions. But, not considered serious. It follows, a suggested interpretation of the included text. Next, a marketing technique. Then, strengthens the connection. So, emoticons not too much to add meaning to text. Given, good netiquette to send a clear message. But, in moderation. Given, they annoy some people.


So, happy emotions are fun to share. Then, we share happiness. It follows, emotions. Thus, slightly different expressions.

On the other hand, annoys some. Also, teens made their use popular. And so, it is appropriate to use an emoticon if you are just kidding. As a result, when writing something sarcastic as well.

Feeling Icons

We learn in different ways. And so, understand messages that way too. Hence, pictures help visual learners. Plus, more diverse. And so, better message. Given, more meaningful.

As a caveat, inappropriate to use for certain professional communication. Professional communication is serious. However, one won’t hurt. Also, marketers are known to use a lot. And so, acceptable in social media as a style.

Emoticons Netiquette

Therefore, we include a few small graphic pictures of small feeling in texts. Thus, sending a meaningful message. Often, fun to read.