Digital Citizenship

Email Address of Digital Citizens For Contact

In the first place, web started with electronic messages. Back, in 1972. Now, crucial to online existence. It follows, an email address of digital citizens for contact. Given, proper netiquette to keep in touch. So, Digital Citizens have an account. Thus, get mail delivered online to a network identifier.

Email Address

Email Address

Next, online mail messages are a part digital citizenship. Thus, unique combination of letters, numbers, and characters identify our account. Hence, must be registered to a network. And so, we pick a name.

Then, characters before the “@” are the user name. Therefore, we choose that part during account set up. After, domain comes behind the “@”. Consequently, valid address has a user name “@” and domain name.

As a result, our names comes first. After, the network is identified. So, custom networks are a status symbol. In addition, services is provided by many as a free utility. However, free is has a stigma.

Message Account Digital Citizenship

In any event, user names cannot overlap. Commonly, we use our first initial and last name. Alternatively, our whole name with a period in between first and last. A handle associated with other aspects of our life are used as well.

Then, most common form of digital message sent through email is text. Way we register for websites. Provides authentication of message delivery for account administration from a domain.

Websites register users based on their email and basic information. It is used by institutions, employers, and governments to establish accounts and communication.

Message Netiquette

Manage an email account because it provides authentication for an online image. At least, maintain a free account. Given, powerful features and proper netiquette.

Last, we use our unique identifier for messaging on forms to allow the use of online services. Then, we can communicate with the organization for account information. Often, a confirmation message is part of the process. So, a requirement for many web activities.

By dpchiles

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