Earn Support Engage With Deserving Likes

First, it feels better if we deserve it. So, earn affirmation. Given, proper netiquette to support deserving content. Then, work on it.

Earn Support Engage With Deserving Likes

Earn Support

Get support for a good reason. Encourage friends to curate. Plus, create better content.

If you think it will help, post it. High quality status updates reach the right audience. Word choice is key.

So, using words to find our audience is crucial. Given, most won’t engage content without a Call To Action. Then, add a CTA with a few words.

Work For It

Most people don’t Like everything they read. Then, requires a certain level of understanding. Grade level determines good writing.

Also, takes practice, proof reading, and persistence. Users Like good writing. Gives credit for hard work.

Thus, think about it. After, try again. It follows, don’t give up. A lot of tips for content creation exist. However, words in the update are important for their own reasons.

Earned Engagement Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to like good content because it takes hard work for users to generate good content.

Last, for more info visit the category and page posts. Finally, cartoons related to the topic. But, not the exact rules. Specific tips for general activity.