Earned Engagement Deserves Likes

Earn: It is proper netiquette to give likes to deserving content. 

Earned Engagement Deserves Likes

Earned Engagement

Likes are earned for good reason. It’s alright to encourage friends to curate and create better content if you think it will help them post something you like. My friends only like high quality status updates. If they don’t like something at first I rewrite it until they do or find something new to post.

Work For It

Most people don’t Like everything they read. The decision that a message, article, or blog post is good requires a certain level of understanding of it, good writing. Good writing takes practice, proof reading and persistence. When users Like good writing they give credit for hard work.

Earned Engagement Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to like good content because it takes hard work for users to generate good content.

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