Disable Previews For Email Protection Antivirus

Opening files on our computer is problematic. Then, we do not know what is in the code. So, disable previews for email protection antivirus. And so, good Netiquette to close the email preview pane. Hence, don’t allow html previews.

Preview Disable Netiquette Antivirus

Preview Disable

Email spreads viruses. They replicate through the contacts. This sends malicious code to all your friends.

Next, phishing, files, and fake news are in electronic messages. And so, most of it is not really wanted. Given, we signed up for it. Then, we did it for discount. Also, freebies require marketing list sign up.

Opening Files

Now, certain files are opened from messaging apps in a small pane for a quick look. JavaScript or other executable files in conjunction with email tricks. Then, message view in HTML can download dirty executable files.

Sometimes emails will have links to hacker pages. The JavaScript in your email application to could open virus web page from the preview because the preview downloads the message.

Disable Previews Netiquette

Disable email previews because previews may expose computers to viruses.

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