Digital Distraction is Bad For Mobile Pay Attention

First, lack of awareness is one thing. It follows, digital distraction is bad for mobile pay attention. Given, a specific instance of unawareness we need to mitigate.

Digital Distraction Netiquette For Mobile

Digital Distraction

First, it is proper netiquette to look around when walking. So, don’t get a digital disconnected looking at a phone. Given, we call it cyber walking.

Next, digital disconnection is a state of being where the internet is more important to you than reality. Hence, harm to anyone in society as a result of something digital. Also, wishing harm on someone digitally is digital disconnection.

Cyber Walking & Talking

Mobile devices digitally disconnect us. For example, people have received text messages with errors. Then, taken violent action. An extreme example.

On the other hand, most have seen a person walk across the street talking on the telephone. Then, we look out for them. As result, they are cyber walking and talking.

Also, happens with apps on a phone. Video games are sometimes played. Begs the question, what’s your problem? Why is a digital task more important than public safety?

Digital Distraction Netiquette

Be present in reality while we engage. Given, easy to detach.

Last, for more info check out category and page posts. To end, please watch some cartoons about related concepts. Given, we are human. Then, work with technology for a better experience.